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7837 Girard Avenue La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 454-3325
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Girard Gourmet

With over 20 years of experience, we create an event that makes you shine! We offer extensive menu selections featuring fresh organically grown produce, pick-up/delivery and full service catering by our professional staff


We specialize in providing catering for all occasions serving the fresh, delicious, and finest cuisine our customers expect but with an extensive menu that surprises our regular Girard Gourmet customers. Add a special touch with birthday cakes, wedding cakes, one of a kind creations, and designer cookies.

We specialize in catering the following events:

  • Cocktail Parties
  • Showers
  • Dinner Parties
  • High Tea
  • Fund-raisers
  • Bridal and Wedding Showers
  • Memorial Services
  • Graduations
  • Picnics
  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
The most successful parties and events are a collaboration of your ideas and our expertise. We are always open to new menu possibilities as well as ethnic specialties such as French, Mexican, Italian or Pacific fusion.
Girard Gourmet


Pissaladiere-Savory Tartlet

with carmelized onion, tomato, basil & black olive

Wonton Cups
with goat cheese, roasted red peppers & fresh basil

Chicken Curry Toast
crostini topped with chicken curry, slivered almonds & frsh pineapple

Spanokopita-Crisp Phyllo Triangles
filled with spinach, feta, onion & herbs

Mini Quiche Tartlets
choice of ham & cheese/ spinach & mushroom/ tomato & black olive/ salmon & asparagus

Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings
with a ginger soy dipping sauce - Usually the first to go!

Mini Quesadillas
shredded duck breast & smoked Gouda or grilled shrimp & Jack cheese served with a roasted red pepper dip

Chicken Satay Skewers
fresh from the oven with our own peanut sauce

Marinated Beef Skewers
tenderloin wrapped around red & yellow peppers & green scallions

Swedish Meatballs
a crowd pleaser

Stuffed Mushrooms
cheese with toasted almonds or a savory mix of crab with shrimp

Grilled Shrimp & Prosciutto
with herb marinade

Asaragus in phyllo
with gruyere chese

Crab Cakes
with garlic aoili dipping sauce


Salmon Bites

with toasted sesame seeds & citrus dipping sauce

Smoked Salmon Canapes
soft Italian bread, sliced thin, spread with herb cream cheese & topped with smoked salmon & fresh dill

Caprese Skewers
cherry tomato, Bocconcini cheese & basil marinated in balsamic vinaigrette

Phyllo Cups
goat cheese topped with roasted red peppers
duck mousse pate in phyllo cups topped with cornichon
salmon mousse

Prosciutto Wrapped Around:
1. bite-sized fresh melon
2. asparagus & balsamic vinaigrette

Baby Potato Halves
twice backed potatoes filled with creme fraiche & caviar, or sour creme, bacon crumbles & fresh chives

Crispy Wonton Cups
filled with marinated ahi tartar

Shrimp on Cucumber Discs
with dill & cream cheese

Marinated Shrimp
wrapped with snow peas

Belgian Endive
served with shrimp and avocado, gorgonzola mousse & toasted walnuts

Greek Salad Skewer
with cucumber, olives, tomato and feta cheese

Roasted Tomato & goat cheese Bruschetta

Eggplant Bruschetta
Crostini topped with a flavorful mixture of grilled eggplant, onion, tomato, basil & parsley

Brie Crostini
topped with Apricot, Brie and sliced pear

Rolled Grapes
grapes rolled in boursin cheese & toasted almonds

Girard Gourmet

Small serves up to 20
Medium serves up to 40
Large serves up to 75

Fresh Fruit Tray
Small $40
Medium $75
Large $110

Vegetable Tray (2 DIPS)
Small $35
Medium $70
Large $110

Fruit and Cheese Tray
Small $60
Medium $100
Large $125

Vegetable and Pate Tray
Small $45
Medium $80
Large $130

Assorted Cheese Tray
Small $60
Medium $100
Large $125

Dessert Platter
Small $50
Medium $85
Large $150

Our dips include: Ranch, Roasted Red Pepper, Honey Mustard, Caesar, Dijon Aioli, Hummus.

We use only the freshest produce, and selection is based on what is in season at the time.

Our cheeses are imported from Europe. Doux de Montagne, Stilton, Jarlsberg, Chevre and Boursin are just some of the varieties that we use.

Pate choices run from smooth duck mousse to a country with peppercorn. We can order whatever you wish.

The desserts are a medley of some of the following: brownies, almond squares, mini chocolate chip cookies, assorted rugulah, pecan squares and lemon bars. Add mini fruit tarlets for an extra $0.50 per person.

Girard Gourmet

Brie En Croute
$40 serves 20-25
Small wheel of brie topped with an apricot glaze, wrapped with puffed pastry, baked and served with dried fruit, bread and crackers
Small wheel of brie topped with sun-dried tomato and basil pesto,
wrapped with puffed pastry, baked and served with toasted pine nuts, bread and crackers

Mexican Layer Dip
$35 serves 20-25
$60 serves 45-50
Seasoned refried beans, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, shredded cheese, black olives, diced tomato, green onions. Served hot or cold with tortilla chips.

Antipasto Platter
$60 serves 20-25
$90 serves 45-50
Greek olives, roasted red peppers, grilled eggplant, cornichons,
assorted cheeses, genoa salami, marinated mushrooms, artichokes,
bread and crackers

Artichoke and Spinach Dip
$35 serves 20-25
$60 serves 45-50
A fantastic dip full of artichokes, fresh spinach, parmesan, fresh herbs and spices delicious served hot or cold.

Cocktail Sandwiches
Price varies
Beef tenderloin, roast turkey or honey-glazed ham served on our own italian or eight grain rolls

Girard Gourmet

Station 1
Assorted mini bagels with cream cheeses: regular, light, fruit, herb
Smoked salmon platter with capers, sweet red onion slices, lemon wedges
Mini potato pancakes with sour cream, applesauce, ketchup

Station 2
Assortment of mini muffins & pastries
Homemade granola
Milk and yogurt
Fresh fruit salad or fruit platter

Station 3 - Choose One
Omelette station
Assorted vegetables, cheeses, herbs and, of course, eggs
Breakfast burritos
Flour tortillas filled with eggs, peppers, beans, cheese
Ham & cheese
Spinach & mushroom
Salmon & goat cheese
Egg casserole
with sautéed vegetables or cheese and ham
Breakfast meats

Station 4
Cold beverage station
Fresh orange juice and/or cranberry juice
Regular iced tea and/or red zinger iced tea
Regular and/or decaf coffee
Assorted teas
Cream, assorted sugars

Girard Gourmet

The menu includes our most popular items for social events. It may be adapted for business meetings. See girard gourmet menu for sandwich selections. Mini-croissants with chicken curry are a delightful addition to any party.

Combination Salad
Served on boston lettuce with dressing on the side

Choose 3 items:
Fruit salad
Chicken salad
Couscous tabouli
Curried rice salad
Tuna salad
Potato dill
Pasta primavera
Seafood pasta
Curried chicken salad
Orzo pasta
Classic caesar salad with shaved parmesan and house made croutons

Entree salads
Chicken breast and grilled salmon may be added

Spinach salad with oranges, beets, mushrooms & chives
Pear & cambazola salad with fresh strawberries & toasted walnuts
Chicken caesar pasta salad with feta cheese & romaine lettuce
Salade nicoise with haricots verts, eggs, tomatoes, cornichons, tuna & olives
Cobb salad with bacon, blue cheese, turkey, tomatoes, cucumber, egg & leaf lettuce

Dressings: caesar, ranch, balsamic, tarragon vinaigrette, honey dijon, raspberry vinaigrette and our famous orange dressing

Additional Choices
Quiche: ham & cheese; spinach, mushroom & cheese; tomato-basil or salmon & asparagus
Crepes: chicken & mushroom or seafood
Eggplant stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese & herbs topped with marinarna sauce
Salmon penne pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil in a chardonnay cream sauce

Chocolate mousse or lemon mousse cake
Cheese cake
Assorted dessert platter including mini-fruit tarts

Girard Gourmet

Select hot or cold items from the appetizer menu

Spinach salad
greek salad
green salad
caesar salad
pear & cambazola salad

Lamb stew with carrots and mushrooms
Salmon penne pasta with sun-dried tomatoes
Fettuccine with chicken & bell pepper cream sauce
Chicken & mushroom crepes in a chardonnay cream sauce
Chicken and sausage jambalaya
Boeuf bourguignon with carrots, celery & onions
Chicken fajitas with tortillas & condiments
Penne pasta rustica
Citrus marinated salmon with mango salsa

Herb rice
mexican rice
mashed potatoes
refried or black beans
garlic mashed potatoes
roasted herbed red potatoes
seasonal steamed vegetables
macaroni & cheese
gingered green beans
steamed asparagus

Plum, apple or mixed fruit tarts with creme anglaise
Assorted dessert platter with cookies & dessert squares
Chocolate or lemon mousse cake
Cheese cake: plain, raspberry, chocolate, caramel-apple

Girard Gourmet
Butternut squash soup
Gingered corn & zucchini soup
Carrot & ginger soup

Salad of bib lettuce, avocado & dried cranberries
Farmer's salad with bacon, croutons, walnuts & tomatoes

Salmon with lemon-shallot relish & prosciutto chips
Spice encrusted chicken breasts with balsamic butter sauce
Roasted pork loin with cranberry-port sauce
Paella with chicken, sausage, seafood or combination of all
Mediterranean chicken or lamb tagine served with couscous

Linguine fine with zucchini, basil & dill
Creamy rice with lemon, herbs & parmesan
Roasted asparagus with lemon zest gremolata
Trio of basmati, jasmine & wild rice with herbs
Roasted root vegetables with rosemary & thyme
Mashed or roasted potatoes

Plum or apple tarts
Cheese cake: plain, raspberry, pumpkin, caramel-apple
Trio of fruit sorbet with seasonal berries
Chocolate or lemon mousse cake

Girard Gourmet
Select hot or cold items from the appetizer menu

Spinach salad with oranges, beets, mushrooms & chives
Pear & cambazola salad with fresh strawberries & toasted walnuts
Classic caesar salad with shaved parmesan and house made croutons
Cranberry, blue cheese, glazed pecans, mixed baby greens and orange vinaigrette

Dressings: caesar, ranch, balsamic vinaigrette, honey dijon, raspberry vinaigrette

Braised short ribs in red wine reduction
Coq au vin
Salmon stuffed with spinach & marscapone cheese
Herb encrusted beef tenderloin with a wild mushroom medley
Sea bass with a mango salsa
Carved leg of lamb
Eggplant stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese & marinara sauce (other vegetarian options available)

Herb rice
Garlic mashed potatoes
Gingered green beans
Potatoes au gratin
Roasted herbed red potatoes
Seasonal steamed vegetables
Grilled vegetables
Steamed or roasted asparagus

Chocolate mousse cake
Lemon mousse cake
Cheese cake
Assorted dessert platter

Girard Gourmet